Seminar for the student (Master’s Level, 2 credit Hrs)
  1. Sita Adhikari, Some Positivity of Matrix (Completed)
  1. Seminar-Workshop: Graph Theory and Optimization with Applications in Industry and Society (GraTho) at Bohol Philippines, September 2-13, 2019.
  2. National Conference on Mathematics and its Applications at Butwal, Nepal, January 12-15, 2019.
  3. National Conference on Mathematics and its Applications (NCMA 2017) at Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal, January 11-13, 2017.
  4. International Conference of Mathematics to Non-linear Sciences (AMNS-2016) at Kathmandu, Nepal, May 26-29, 2016.
  5. Instructional Workshop and Conference on Geometric Group Theory, IIT, Guwahati,India, December, 2002.
  6. National Conference on Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, South Campus, University of Delhi, March, 2002.
  7. International Workshop on Banach Algebra, Operators and Harmonic Analysis at Sardar Patel University, Gujarat, India, January, 2002.
  8. Conference on Algebraic and Geometric Topology, University of Delhi, January, 2002.
  9. International conference on the use of Technology in Teaching and learning Mathematics and Bio-mathematics, south campus, University of Delhi, December, 2001.
  10. Workshop on DISCRETE DYNAMICAL SYSTEM Sponsored by Department of Mathematics & statistics at University of Hyderabad, India, March, 2001.
  11. Academic Program for the local conference on Functional Analysis and its applications, Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi, February, 2001.
  12. Two days Seminar on ’Applicable Mathematics’ jointly by Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University and Nepal Mathematical Society, September, 2005.
  13. Refresher Course to the University Teachers Teaching in B.A./B.Sc. third year during 18th July to 2nd August 1999 held in Central Department of Mathematics, T.U. Kirtipur.
  14. Instructional Conference of COMPLEX DYNAMICS from 21st June to 10th July,1999 organized by University of Mumbai, India.
  15. UNESCO-IMSC Regional Training program in mathematics held in Institute of Mathematical Science (IMSC) Chennai, India during 9th November to 21st November 1998.